Gentle Hatha Yoga

Fridays 10.30am – 12pm  

Fridays we have a gentle yet dynamic HATHA practice.  

We are moving through a sequence of poses that each have variations, so YOU choose which version of the pose you do, depending on your body’s wishes on each day.

You don’t have to be experienced, and if you are, it helps if you are experienced enough to have a beginners mind!

Every time we practise, we are different.

Moment to moment we are changing.  Many things affect how we move, how we feel, how we think.  What has happened just before we show up to the yoga studio, what we’ve eaten, what the weather is like …. all things affect how we are, and if yoga is about practising being truly present, we are listening to that and responding in a way that is going to nurture us best in each moment.

There is plenty of instruction to help you get a feel for each pose, and we are moving slowly, mindfully and bodyfully into each pose.

When we practise yoga asana (postures), we are working to strengthen the body by moving actively, in and out of each asana.  This requires us to also practise focusing, listening in, welcoming sensation and being present with it.  And whilst I do give plenty of instruction, I’m not interested in perfecting shapes, I’m interested in facilitating each student to be their own teacher.  As your guide, I can show you the benefits of moving in a particular way, or working towards a certain asana, but mostly my hope is that you experience giving yourself permission – permission to explore within each asana, maybe even within each breath.

To make each asana a question, rather than a perfect shape to be ‘achieved’.

There is no end to an asana!  Do we master an asana, or do we master ourselves in it?!

Even when we are as absolutely still as we can be, we are still moving, shimmering, evolving, pulsating …

We are constantly changing and different, within each asana we move into, there is a universe to explore and adventure into!  I am interested in going there!

One of the benefits of regular a practice, is that you begin to gain insights into your life and who and how you are in the world, and when everybody is looking too serious I like to remind us all that there isn’t really any reason why we can’t have fun while we practise!

There is a lot of emphasis on moving the spine in ALL of the directions within which it is able to move.  As opposed to moving from where we are already flexible.  Generally, we want to move the stiff bits and strengthen the flexible bits!  So we work a lot with that.

And there is attention paid to breathing practices and meditation training.

Oh, and there is no such thing, as like, a two minute savasana at the end!  The integration pose at the end is given respect!  I want you walking out feeling whole, after all!


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